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How to answer interview QUESTIONS?

Answers to some difficult questions

  • Tell me about yourself ?

    Start from your education and give a brief coverage of previous experiences. Emphasise more on your recent experience explaining your job profile.

  • Why should we hire you? Or why are you interested in this job?

    Sum up your work experiences with your abilities and emphasise your strongest qualities achievements, rewards and appreciations received from top bosses. Let your interviewer know that you will prove to be an asset to the company.

  • Do you prefer to work in a group?

    Be honest and give examples how you've worked by yourself and also with others. Prove your flexibility.

  • Questions you should be prepared for      

    Tell us about yourself.
    What do you know about our company?
    Why do you want to join our company?
    What are your strengths and weaknesses?
    Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
    How have you improved the nature of your job in the past years of your working? Why should we hire you?
    What contributions to profits have you made in your present or former company? Why are you looking for a change?

  • How much money do you want?

    Indicate your present salary and emphasise that the opportunity is the most important consideration.

Most Frequently Asked Questions:

• What are your strengths and weaknesses?
• Tell me about yourself.
• What are your team-player qualities? Give examples.
• Of the courses you have had at college which courses have you enjoyed the most?
• What is your GPA? How do you feel about it? Does it reflect your abilities?
• How have your educational and work experiences prepared you for this position?
• What work experiences have been most valuable to you and why?
• What have the experiences on your resume taught you about managing and working with people?
• Of the hobbies and interests listed on your resume what is your favorite and tell me why?
• Where do you see yourself in five years?
• What goals have you set for yourself? How are you planning to achieve them?
• To what do you owe your present success?
• Why should I hire you?
• What makes you think you can handle this position?
• What is your most significant accomplishment to date?
• Why do you want to work here?
• Describe a leadership role of yours and tell why you committed your time to it.
• In a particular leadership role you had, what was your greatest challenge?
• Give me an example of an idea that has come to you and what you did with it?
• Give me an example of a problem you solved and the process you used?
• Give me an example of the most creative project that you have worked on.
• Tell me about a project you initiated?
• Describe the project or situation that best demonstrates your analytical abilities?
• Since attending college, what is the toughest decision that you have had to make?
• Tell me about your most difficult decision and how did you go about making it?
• What types of situations put you under pressure, and how do you deal with pressure?
• Give me a situation in which you failed, and how you handled it?
• Why are you interested in our organization?
• What type of position are you seeking?
• Where do you think your interest in this career comes from?
• What industry besides this one are you looking into?
• Why have you chosen this particular profession?
• What interests you about this job?
• What challenges are you looking for in a position?
• What can you contribute to this company?
• What motivates you?
• What turns you off?
• If I asked the people who know you well to describe you, what three words would they use?
• If I asked the people who know you for one reason why I shouldn't hire you what would they say?
• When you take on a project do you like to attack the project in a group of individually?
• Describe the type of manager you prefer.
• Tell me about a team project of which you are particularly proud and your contribution?
• Describe a situation where you had to work with someone who was difficult, how did you handle it?
• What type of work environment appeals to you most?
• With which other companies are you interviewing?
• What charactersitics do you think are important for this position?
• Why do you feel that this company will be a career for you rather than a job?
• Name two management skills that you think you have?
• What characteristics are most important in a good manager? How have you displayed one of them?
• Why did you choose this college and how did you arrive at this decision?
• What factors did you consider in choosing your major?
• Describe how your favorite course has contributed your career interests?
• Since you have been at college, what is it that you are proudest of?
• How have you changed personally since starting college?
• What has been your greatest challenge?
• If you could change a decision you made while at college what would you change and why?
• Why did you choose the campus involvements you did? What did you gain? What did you contribute?


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