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How to Promote Your Web Site ?

Where should you start?

Promoting your site can often seem to be a very difficult task . Actually It's not.
Focus on these four points:

1. Content

Have a good content. we mean you should try to make it best. Make sure your site have a focus and its clear to users. Most users do not want to stumble around guessing what you are dealing with. Make sure that your site has something new to say or organizes information in a new or useful way to web site visitors. Visitors will recognize this, bookmark the site, tell friends and other websites will link to you increasing your "popularity".

2. Home Page

Take it as a golden rule.."Not too many high resolution pics on your homepage" - load it up with words - good words.This is because a visitor normally dont wait for more than 8 seconds for you page to appear. If your page takes quite a lot of time to appear, then take it for granted that you lost him.He/she will never return to your site and will tell others that your site is slow.And it's best not to ever use frames.
Make sure you describe the site, its purpose and use the words that the visitors use when they're looking for your site. Use the same words and alternative words in your metatags.

3. Usable

- Everyday we see 100's of sites that are just plain hard to use and hard to navigate. Make sure your site labels are

  1. clear and easily visible -dont put your buttons on extreme corners making the user scroll ...
  2. legible.

It's hard enough getting visitors to your site ONCE, but if your site is difficult to use then it's granted that they'll never return.

Content Tips

Use RSS Feeds to Add Free Daily Content to Your Site
Keeping your site fresh is hard work. Fresh excellent headlines (no ads, no programming needed, free) each day. We love it and highly recommend it.

Writing and Your Web Site

Do's and Don'ts:

  • Write in pyramid style
  • Use the words that your visitors "know"
  • Keep it simple and short
  • The words that you use really count s. If you CAN'T WRITE, get someone who CAN to write your main page .
  • Figure out the best keywords/phrases to use and make sure you use them on your page and in your title
  • Remember: Keywords are NOT enough. You need to make your site attractive, and have great content so it becomes "popular".

4. Page <title> Element and Page Title

Make up a great title for your page and be descriptive. When visitors see your site in the search result listing - those first 5 words better grab their attention and say it all.
Compare your best title idea to real titles that come up when someone searches for your site.
Search engines look at your site and count how often you use words and where you placed the words on the page. The more often (up to a point) and more prominent the use, (ie. those header tags) then the more the page is about your "word".

Search engines like Alta Vista, Infoseek, Excite, HotBot, Lycos, Canada.com, Webcrawler, Google, Northern Light - don't just use keywords - popularity counts too and other factors.