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United States of America


Why USA ?

United States of America... the world's most developed and industrialized nation and also the largest economy in the world. American Universities offer world's best educational opportunities at the lowest costs. Generous Scholarships, campus jobs and highly flexible immigration laws make US education the most sought after education in the world.

American Universities welcome international students who have met their selection criteria. There are currently over 450,000 international students in USA, including 35,000 students from India.

American higher education degrees are valued worldwide, and provides the student with a very distinct edge over others in the international job market.


USA admissions

Admission at US colleges and US universities can be very competitive for international students. US vocational, ESL and high school admissions are generally less competitive, but there are exceptions. Much depends on the school in question and the qualifications of the international student. In order to be accepted at a TOP US school, you must have attained good grades, completed challenging coursework, obtained sufficient financing, and developed a strong command of the English language.

Above all, successful admissions for international students to a top US school requires preparation. The admissions process is a long one, and should ideally begin at least 18 months before your expected arrival in the US. Organization and planning are very important because timely completion of all the necessary steps is key.As a guideline, international students can follow the schedule provided in the International Student Planning calendar

Admission Requirements

College admission in the US is extremely competitive, especially among international students. If you do not have a strong academic background, sufficient financial resources, and proficiency in the English language, you will be at a disadvantage in the admissions process.
Each school sets its own admission requirements. Because of the large number of international students seeking a US education, the schools do not make exceptions to their requirements. Most schools require a minimum of a high school diploma with solid coursework in science, mathematics, English, and humanities. They will also require academic entrance examinations such as the TOEFL, SAT, ACT, GRE, and GMAT. The higher your scores on these exams and the better your grades, the better your chances of being admitted. Generally you must have a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale to be admitted, especially for graduate school. Some schools set very high standards for admission.
The more well-known institutions are often among the most competitive. While every international student would love to attend Harvard University or the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, not every student will be admitted. Certain fields of study are also highly competitive. These include engineering, computer science, pre-medicine, pre-law, architecture, and marine biology.

Note that to apply for a graduate or professional degree program, including medical school, law school, veterinary school, and dental school, you must first obtain an undergraduate bachelor's degree. Law students must also generally be licensed attorneys in their own countries before applying for admission to a US law school.

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International Student Scholarships

International student scholarships are very hard to secure. The great majority of international students in America must rely exclusively on themselves and their relatives for funding.

If you need to obtain financial aid or an international student scholarship to afford an American education, the best place for you to look is your home country. There may be international student scholarships and international student loans available for study abroad from your government, or from local businesses, organizations, and foundations in your home country.

Other places to look for international student scholarships, international student loans and other forms of international student aid are international humanitarian organizations that want to promote international education and cultural exchange with the USA. Included in these organizations are the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the League of Red Cross Societies, and the World Council of Churches. Some of these organizations have restricted financial aid, international student scholarships and international student loans.

F inally, there are also many universities in the US that provide financial aid and international student scholarships to international students. However, this aid is usually limited and is often more readily available to graduate than undergraduate students. Furthermore, competition for international student scholarships and aid is fierce, and schools are careful to help out the most deserving international students. Good grades and exam scores are extremely important in securing an international student scholarship.


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