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What is GRE all about?

The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is a standardized test conducted by Educational Testing Service, ETS, US. The scores of these tests are used as one of the most important parameters by US Universities, colleges while selecting students to their graduate program of study.

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The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) consists of two separate tests: the General Test and the Subject Test in psychology. The General Test measures analytical writing, verbal, and quantitative skills that have been acquired over a long period of time and are common to all fields of study.

The prospective graduate  applicants takes the GRE General test and GRE subject test. GRE scores are used by the admissions authorities or fellowship panels to supplement undergraduate academic, extracurricular records and other qualifications for graduate study.

Some GRE Subject Tests yield sub scores that can indicate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual student and may be useful for guidance and placement purposes.

The GRE test scores are valid for five years and most universities accept scores up to five years old but candidates are strongly recommended to keep latest scores not more than two years old.

Analytical writing part
In analytical writing test, you type or write by hand your answers to two questions

  • one on an “issue” topic for 45 minutes and
  • one on an “argument” topic for 30 minutes

Though these two questions have some similarities, they differ in what they measure. The first one  requires you to construct a personal argument about an issue, and the second requires you to critique someone else's argument by assessing its claims.

Your essays will be graded by both e-rater and a human grader. The e-rater is a computer program, designed to evaluate your writing according to the pre-programmed criteria. If the computer and human grader differ greatly in their assessments, a second human is brought into the mix to referee and make the final call

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Quantitative part
The GRE math section doesn’t test your specific knowledge in mathematics. Rather, it tests your problem solving ability. Therefore, calculus or another advanced math topic is never covered on GRE math. The high school math knowledge is sufficient to answer a typical GRE math question. Picking up the correct answer, however, is not as easy as its knowledge base.READ MORE>>GRE Quantitative Section

Verbal part
The GRE verbal test includes four types of questions - Reading Comprehension, Sentence Completion, Analogy, and Antonym.....

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How is the GRE scored?

Each of the three sections is scored on a scale of 200 to 800. The average scores for the GRE are about 470 for Verbal and 570 for Quantitative.

What fees are associated with the GRE? u

Fee for the GRE exam (W.e.f. Oct 1, 2002) 


TOEFL: This test is mandatory for International students applying to a Graduate course or University in US. Fee for this exam is


Please Note

Your admission to graduate school will depend on your scores on the verbal and quantitative sections of the GRE (not the Subject Test). It is essential that you do well

To ensure that you score as high as you can, it is essential to prepare for the GRE. Buy one of the review books and develop a systematic plan that will enable you to brush up on your skills in vocabulary, reading comprehension, analogies, algebra, and geometry.

When you register for the GRE General Test, you will receive free software to help you study for the test, but it is likely that you will need to begin studying before you register

You must register to take any GRE. It is given at specific testing sites in each state

For the General Test, it is important to register early to get your choice of test dates in the busy testing months of November, December, and January. For the Subject Test, you need to register at least six weeks in advance.

You can register online  (www.gre.org) or you can also register by mail by completing the registration form in the GRE Information and Registration Bulletin.
You can obtain the registration form by downloading it from GRE- Online


Take the General Test in November. This will ensure that your scores will be available to meet any admissions deadline. Also, if you do poorly on your first try, you should have enough time to re-take the test in December to try to improve your scores.
You must register for Subject Test approximately six weeks before it is given

if you are not planning to attend graduate school immediately upon graduation, you should still take the GRE sometime during your senior year. Scores are good for five years, and you will never be as prepared for it as you are now.



GRE Verbal Section

GRE Quantitative Section

GRE Analytical Writing Section


The contents are informative in nature. Candidates are advised to refer to the notice published on Official Websites of the organization(s) administering the particular Test(s) / Examination(s).