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The purpose of the TOEFL test is to evaluate the English proficiency of people whose native language is not English. In 2003-04, more than 720,000 people registered to take the test. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 5,000 colleges, universities, and licensing agencies in 90 countries. The test is offered in three formats: computer-based, paper-based, and September 2005, Internet-based. If you do not know which version of the test (computer-based or paper-based) is offered in your country or area, refer to the computer based test center lists in the Learners & Test Takers section of the TOEFL Web site at www.ets.org/toefl.

If your country or area is not listed, refer to the paper-based test center list on the same site. Every test center is open to all properly registered persons,
regardless of race, color, creed, or national origin

Computer-Based Test


The computer-based TOEFL test (CBT) is offered year-round at institutional sites such as colleges and universities and at testing centers operated by Prometric, a division of Thomson Learning. The computer-based TOEFL test has four sections, all of which
are mandatory at each administration.

_Listening measures the ability to understand English as it is spoken in North America. This section tests comprehension of main ideas, supporting ideas, important details, and inferences. You will both see and hear the questions before the answer choices appear.
_Structure measures the ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English. The language tested is formal, rather than conversational. When topics have a national context, they refer to United States or Canadian history, culture, art, or literature. However, knowledge of these contexts is not needed to answer the questions.
_Reading measures the ability to understand short passages similar in topic and style to academic texts used in North American colleges and universities. You will read a variety of
short passages on academic subjects and answer several questions about each passage.
_Writing measures the ability to write in English on an assigned topic. You must compose an essay in order to receive a total score.

Paper-Based Test

The paper-based TOEFL test (PBT) is offered six times a year in specific locations throughout the world (see the test center list on the TOEFL Web site). The test takes about 3 and 1/2 hours to complete. You will be given a test book and a paper answer sheet on which to record your responses.
The test has three sections:
_Listening Comprehension—measures ability to understand English as it is spoken in North America.
_Structure and Written Expression—measures ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English.
_Reading Comprehension—measures ability to understand nontechnical reading matter.
The test that you take may include one or more questions that do not count toward your score. These are new questions that help ETS determine how such questions function under actual testing conditions. Each section of the test has a time limit. The supervisor will tell you when to start and stop each section. You may read or work on asection only during the time allotted for that section. If you finish one section early, you may NOT go on to the next section, and you may NOT go back to a previous section. Failure to follow this rule will be considered cheating, and your scores will be canceled. The Test of Written English (TWE®) is a 30-minute writing test that is required of everyone taking the paper-based test. You will write a short essay on the one topic printed in your TWE test book to
demonstrate your ability to write in English. This includes the ability to generate and organize ideas, to support those ideas with examples or evidence, and to compose in standard written English in response to an assigned topic. You will not need special knowledge of the topic. There is no separate fee for the TWE. You will write your essay on a two-sided answer sheet attached to your TOEFL answer sheet. When you are told to begin work, read the instructions and the essay question carefully. You must write only on
the assigned topic. If you write an essay on a different topic, it will not be scored. You will probably want to spend a few minutes thinking about the kind of essay you will write, and you may wish to make a few brief notes. The test supervisor will tell you where to make your notes for the writing test. Plan to take at least 20 minutes to write your essay after you have read the instructions and made notes.


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The contents are informative in nature. Candidates are advised to refer to the notice published on Official Websites of the organization(s) administering the particular Test(s) / Examination(s).