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Tips for taking prize winning  seminars

        Courtesy: aby* & abish* ( They have won many national level seminar presentation contest in three successive years (2005-2007) .In this forum they share their experience and expertise.)

        The seminar usually consists of any analysis undertaken by each student on any relevant engineering topic/issue under the sun.(not really necessary..It can be on any subject in this universe) The topic and its content shall be related to the advances in the Engineering research, industrial practices, new design and operational methods, environmental analysis or solutions to long living problems  etc. Students shall collect relevant materials, with proper references(such as edufive seminar topics resource) and prepare a brief report in a specified format. Before this you may be required to submit an abstract of the topics which  you are about to present well in advance.

        A good & polished  talk needs time to firm up and develop even if it is for 10 or 20 minutes as in our case or for few hours as in case of professional speakers . Prepare for weeks, dream about it and let your patent futuristic and fantastic ideas sink deep  into your subconscious mind as well.. Ask yourself several questions, jolt  down your thoughts, and keep adding new exotic ideas.Think innovative, be original.Keep a note..As you prepare for  every minute of your speech ask yourself the following questions.

        Just to put into one sentence ask yourself, what is the purpose of this seminar presentation? Think about it, debate and discuss with friends as well.

        •  Who is goona be the audience?(Colleagues, friends or your professors) What’s  their main interest in this topic? (Synchronize your presentation in tune with that to get more acceptance for your hard work & presentation)
        • What additional research can I undertake? ( Validate what you say  based on surveys, reports and studies by connoisseurs working in the similar stream. You may find similar reserch material online to support your statemets)
        • What are the main points of this seminar presentation? (identify the key words, note them )
        • What do I really know and believe about this topic as it relates to this audience? (Considering from your angle as well as from the perspective of prospective audience)



        • What visual aids do I need? ( Try to get some video or moving visuals to assist your speech..Remember they speak louder & clearer than what you say.Also it will make your presentation more interesting)
        • Have I taken care of the minor details that will help me speak more confidently?( At the point of the presentation , you should have mastered the topic and should be able to address all queries. In case you are not sure of an answer, speak confidently and stick to what you say. Don’t fumble…Doing so will spoil everything & all your hard work will go down the trenches!)
        • What supporting information evidence and stories/ reports/experimentally proved analysis/ research submissions  can I use to support each of my main points?
        • Have I polished and prepared the language , tone and words that  I will use during the course of my presentation ?( The tone is also important as it suggests your interest & effort you put into all of it)
        • Do I need to practice? (yes , you do . Definitely. Even professional speakers do practise ...So why not you ?. Especially if it is your first presentation. Do 2 0r 3  mock presentations ;ideally in front of mirror. Note your body language. It should be positive and should reflect positive energy. Ask a friend to watch you and correct wherever required. Alternatively you can stand in front of a mirror & watch yourself while you speak)
        • Can I change my views? No..Stick to what you say and be confident. But if you discover that you have made a blunder while answering, apologize profusely and correct it.
        • Do I have an effective opening “Attention grabber”? something that will pull the audience towards you.( If not get one.. It could be pointing at the results of a recent survey in the particular area. Or it could be recent finding/ discovery in this field.hmm.. Something interesting ! you can even site a recent news artricle )




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