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Important Safety Tips for The Biker In You...

Here we bring to you some safety tips which our Site administrator cum CEO ( Mr. Aby Joseph ) has gained from his numerous bike trips in the fast few years . You may already know most of these but it is good to refresh yourself by flipping through this article if you are planning for a bike trip sooner or later . We Thank him for sharing this with us !
1. Easy clear Vision and Line of sight : Always wear proper eye safety gear while riding even at night, so that the Lights of incoming vehicles don't flash right into your eyes. When underestimate the importance of proper eye gear while riding. When you are buying shades, try buying those through which you can look at the sun straight for a minute or so. Wear clear glasses at night at any case, chances are that a insect might hit you in the eye... Our hand's natural reflex is to to rub the eye and imagine doing so while whistling at a speed of 100kms in middle of a highway! Awwh!!
2. Ghat Roads /  Hilly Terrain : Driving on hilly terrain & Ghats  can be fun . But do you switch the engine off or put it in neutral while descending a hill? This is an absolute no no scenario ! First, in neutral gear there will be no engine braking / engine back pull - if the slope increases suddenly or you encounter a pit or a hump then your will not be able to anticipate your braking and the barking distance required and things can go wrong. Second, if you are approaching a plain surface and you need to overtake a truck or another vehicle , you will not be able to do so. Generally speaking, you will not be able to anticipate the behaviour of the vehicle when it is turned off. So never do it. The fuel savings you think you are making by doing so is no worth risking your life !
3. Riding Stability : Watch  out for cow dung, cricket ball sized stones, gravel/ sand beds, rounded pipes, oil Spills on road or even bundles of cloth. The moment you run over them there is a high chance that you will loose your balance. And in worse case if you were not anticipating the same then you will topple over. This would be so quick that you wont even realise before you hit the mud. Also avoid hitting small animals, they tend to lock up in the rear tire. Why become a highway killer, when you can be a cool highway rider ?
4. Overtaking of other Vehicles ( Moving & Stationary) : Never overtake from wrong side.( Left side is wrong side dude! ;Right is RIGHT!) If some vehicle approaching from the opposite direction goes wary, the vehicle you are overtaking will move to the left naturally which is extremely risky for you. Also, don't overtake if overtaking lands you on a road which is joined by another road ( the so called ‘T’ or ‘Y’  junction for example). Chances are another vehicles may just cut in at that moment and then you are screwed !
5. STOP & Help Others: Always help road mishap cases; nowadays the law is quite liberal. You responsibility ends when you admit the person to the hospital. So you won't be harassed by anyone . Imagine you or your near dear ones lying on the road injured and others just passing by heedlessly. Be passionate, BE human & lets Show it on the roads !
6. Turning / Taking Diversions:  Always use indicators to signal you turning, at least a few meters from your actual turning point. Sticking out a wide hand when turning, can be risky in two ways, you can hurt yourself by a close ongoing vehicle and also you cannot a control a bike with one hand.
7. Be Cool, Stay Cool, Keep cool: : Some vehicles are driven by crazy people. They honk the horns in a impolite manner and flash the high beams madly. Never lose your cool in such situations. If you move abruptly, then other vehicles would not have anticipated your shift. Give way to them slowly. Such drivers are also very attentive and hence staying where you are will not harm you (except your ears if he is honking so badly!).